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CC4Skype integration with PowerBi

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CC4Skype integration with PowerBi

Looking for a modern data visualization tool? 
Microsofts PowerBi, which offers real-time Contact Center insights, is now available in CC4Skype.
CC4Skype natively offers historical, and real-time reporting capabilities thru its own Web Administration page. It allows you to create, schedule and view historical reports (in Excel and PDF), and automatically send them by e-mail. The real-time reporting tool also allows you to show this information on the wall- or dashboards. Alerts can be set on KPI thresholds, with notifications in the CC4Skype client or sent by e-mail.

Power BI lets you access real-time information to identify trends right away. Microsoft Power BI’s business analytics services empower everyone (not just data specialists) with real-time insight into what is happening in the contact center.
The CC4Skype Power BI interface can be used as an additional reporting tool, on top of CC4Skype’s reporting, which remains available.

In this Power BI Reporting webinar, we will show you the additional services and demonstrate the standard visualization templates we have available for historical and real-time reporting.

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Watch the Power Bi webinar

Web chat and Social Media handling

CC4Skype Contact Centers are now fully equipped to perform web care as well. A full Omni-Channel Solution that actually does what is promised!

Web Chat and Social Media handling for the Microsoft UC Contact Center

Social Media allows people all over the world to voice their thought and opinions whenever they want. And Social Media is always present, 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Making it a powerful tool. Monitoring these activities enables businesses to protect and even build their reputation by handling the real-time feedback received online.

How does that fit into your Contact Center operations? What adjustments are needed to provide agents with the necessary skills and tools to engage with your customers online?

All of these questions and much more will be are answered in the Web Chat and Social Media handling for the Microsoft UC Contact Center webinar.

This webinar is pre-recorded.
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